About Me

My name’s Matthew King and I’m a Nottingham Graphic Designer. I work closely with sports brands, marketing teams, and agencies across the UK and beyond.

Welcome to Matthew King Creative

About me

I’m a Nottingham Graphic Designer and I have 10 years of experience in the design industry. I’ve operated as a freelance graphic designer with almost years experience of running my own business and serving a wide variety of clients across Nottingham, UK, and Europe.

Matthew King Creative is a comprehensive graphic design service and I provide bespoke graphic design services for sports brands, marketing teams, agencies. I’m trusted by industry-leading brands the Bundesliga, Go Outdoors, Crystal Palace and many more.

Knowing what works

Great graphic design is about knowing exactly what works for each business and their audience. For me, getting to know your organisation, your audience and the relationship between the two is my priority.

Understanding what motivates your audience and how your brand is communicated is an integral part of my process. Whether I’m creating your branding, web design, or social media graphics, getting to know how to effectively communicate with your target audience is my number one goal.

Working with you

Whether you’re an agency, the head of a marketing department or a sports brand needing support with graphic design, I can help. Having worked internally with great teams and individuals on some fascinating projects over the years, I understand that each and every business and person I’ve worked with is unique.

My Journey

My journey into freelancing started with a desire to work on more rewarding projects than what I was getting at my agency role at the time. Therefore I started with my little Instagram page and started off by creating bespoke football posters as a passion project, which can view on my Behance profile.

My creative, experimental work was noticed by Patterns of Play, who invited me to design a series of posters to feature at their Group Stage Exhibition celebrating the forthcoming Euro 2016. My series titled Euro’s Greatest Goals featured famous goals in the competition’s rich history.

One year on, following this exciting opportunity I was approached by the Bundesliga who had seen my work on my Instagram page. This was a DREAM gig for me and it was a great motivating factor in taking the leap into full-time freelancing. I’ve worked with the Bundesliga social media team on several occasions throughout my freelance career.

Working in the sports industry is an incredible passion and is rewarding for me, however, I’m not limited to that specific industry. I’ve built a portfolio of clients within industry sectors such as tech, IT, food, restaurants, and more.

All of this experience has bought me to where I am today, with almost 6 years experience of operating as a freelance graphic designer! Take a look at my graphic design services and case studies and if you’re interested in working together, please get in touch.

My Expertise

Nottingham Graphic Designer
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My Values

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My services are flexible and designed to fit each business. If you require an addition to your in-house team, I’ll fit seamlessly integrate myself into your business. If you’re in need of a one-man design solution, I’ll ensure that I lead from the front. I am at your convenience.

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I value honest and clear communication and while designing, I aim to put as few barriers between us as possible. Whether you want to pitch some new ideas or discuss branding concepts, you’re the one in charge. I will make it with you.

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I take pride in what I do and in delivering projects to my valued clients. For a project to be truly successful, an open, honest approach is key, and I’ll take your feedback on board. Your brand is as important to me as it is to you, and you can count on me to deliver the very best.

Brands I’m Trusted By

client logo derby county
client logo livewire sport
client logo cricket world cup
client logos bundesliga
client logos grange communications
client logos go outdoors
client logo ncha
client logo bayern munich
client logo british swimming
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client logo crystal palace
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client logo gb snowport
client logo rugby centurions club
client logo trailside sports therapy