The Bundesliga is Germany’s professional top-tier football league and one Europe’s top five football leagues. As a brand, they have led the way in producing engaging social media content for their 6.8 million-strong social following for years.

Brief: Daily support and deliver social media graphics across Instagram and Twitter.

Sector: Sport

Client: Bundesliga

Services: Artwork | Social Media Graphics


I have worked with Bundesliga’s digital subsidiary, on several occasions in my time as a freelancer. They first approached me in 2017 to work with them on the brand’s social media content through the creation of graphics ahead of the 2017/18 season. In 2019, I was commissioned by the Bundesliga again to assist in the creation of a more bespoke social media project, which would go live throughout the 2019/20 season.

A little more detail - 2019/20 Season

After developing a pleasant working relationship with the Bundesliga team in 2017/18, I again worked with the Bundesliga to produce bespoke graphics that have been scheduled throughout the 2019/20 season. Working in a different manner this time around, I was given one specific but large project that celebrates the stadiums of the 18 Bundesliga teams that are participating in the 2019/20 season.

I collaborated with the client on the initial designs and we chose what we felt worked best in line with the brand’s visual style. Each graphic featured an illustration of a stadium accompanied by the team’s colours and their badge, as well as a background image that captured the unique support and emotion of the relevant team’s fans to complement the design. Specifically designed for Instagram, these social media graphics achieved a total of 420,000 likes and 4,000 comments over the course of the project.

The sports graphics that I produced allowed Bundesliga to schedule and share information about the stadiums in which upcoming games were taking place. This helped to ensure that fans remain engaged with their social accounts. It also reduces the workload of their busy social media and content teams, allowing for graphics to be pre-scheduled and posted with very little effort required.

A little more detail - 2017/18 Season

My role in 2017 was to work remotely alongside Bundesliga’s in-house team, who are based in Cologne, Germany. The client wanted freelance assistance to produce eye-catching, exciting and engaging graphics to keep their social media channels across Instagram and Twitter fresh with regular content.

I was tasked with creating social media graphics that focused on individual Bundesliga teams and their players, statistical graphics that could be posted ahead of games, matchday graphics, and a kick-off countdown series. All of these graphics were designed to keep the social feed abuzz with engagement in between seasons and matchweeks.

Stats graphics

I designed graphics that portrayed intriguing stat graphics, such as this one based on Germany’s Under-21 play time vs. that of their rivals, England. The challenge with graphics such as these was presenting them in a visually attractive style with a quickfire turnaround, enabling me to use skills that I’ve honed over many years. For this particular graphic, I focused on incorporating each nation’s colours, flags, players and stats.

Kick-off Countdown Series

The most in-depth project was a kick-off countdown series, which focused on the countdown to the 2017/18 season kick-off. To celebrate the countdown, I created posts featuring players with shirt numbers corresponding to how many days there were left until kick-off, counting down from number 40 to 1. I utilised colours related to that of the featured players’ clubs and implemented patterns and textures into the designs to create eye-catching and engaging social media content.


This was my first experience working within the social media sports industry. The projects that were commissioned were exciting and unique, as they gave me free rein as a designer. From a personal point of view, I’m incredibly honoured to work with Bundesliga and DFL Digital in creating engaging social media content for their feed. 

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