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Brand Identity
Developing an identity that embodies your core values and presents an instantly recognisable brand.
Your brand identity is just as individual as your personal identity. It’s more than your business name and your logo; it’s how you speak to customers, the lifestyle that your products or services offer, and what you stand for as a company.

Websites and social media provide customers with instant, 24/7 contact with businesses, and an instantly recognisable brand that understands and resonates with your target market can be an incredibly valuable asset. Presenting a consistent message across your website, social media profiles and printed marketing collateral tells your audience exactly who you are, building trust and brand loyalty.

Whether you need to create a brand from scratch or are looking to refresh and modernise your existing identity, I know how to bring brands to life. When creating a logo for you, I will also provide you with a full set of brand guidelines to ensure that every member of your team knows exactly how to use it to create a strong, consistent brand identity.

How I work

I’ll help you to figure out what all of that means for your company. From expanding on your existing brand identity to developing a completely new approach, my experience in crafting brands will help you to understand what makes your business unique. 

Working with you as part of your marketing team, I’ll help you to establish your logo design, colour palette, fonts, tone of voice and core values. This will form the basis of your brand guidelines, which I can provide in a formal document to ensure that everyone within your company understands how to best present your new brand.

I offer:

  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand assets
  • Brand strategies
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