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Product Packaging
Designing attractive and informative product packaging that shoppers want to pick up.
When you’ve worked hard to create a product that you’re proud of, it’s important not to neglect the packaging that you sell it in. Product packaging is a powerful visual sales tool, enticing customers and telling them why they need to purchase this product. 

I understand the information architecture that’s required for product packaging, enabling customers to see exactly what they’re buying while also respecting the necessary regulations and guidelines. My years of design experience mean that I know how to prioritise information and present it in a way that’s easy to read.

How I work

Your packaging is an extension of your brand. You may be looking to convey a message or evoke a lifestyle that appeals to a certain demographic. Whatever your goals are, it’s my job to understand them and translate them into appealing packaging designs.

You know your product better than anyone, so your input is invaluable when it comes to designing the outer box, bag or packet that your customers will see. With my creative input and knowledge of packaging design principles and print requirements, we’ll collaborate to develop an eye-catching, informative and brand-appropriate design that your customers will love.

My product packaging skills include:

  • Product packaging design
  • Label design
  • Box net design
  • Packaging mockups
  • Packaging print setup


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