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How we refreshed Train Effective’s social media presence to optimise engagement

How we refreshed Train Effective’s social media presence to optimise engagement

Social media has become essential to the growth of any business in these digital times. Ranging from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn people and businesses can use it to engage with their client/fan base, to build followers and promote their products and services.

Graphic design has come to play an important role in many brand’s social media presence, I recently worked with the Bundesliga across their digital media graphics. Train Effective is an online football training academy who approached me with the challenge to refresh it’s brand’s image across social media.

The Brief

Their goal was to enhance their visual profile to increase their posts engagements and follower base. With the Effective brand active on all major platforms the template I produced had to be straightforward for their marketing team to update on a daily basis.

The brand has a multitude of daily themes such as #EffectiveTuesday, their daily motivational quotes and vlogs, all of which required refreshing.

The Approach

Assessing Effective’s existing social media graphics I looked at ways to incorporate their brand’s identity into their social feed so it had a distinctive image to their followers. The idea behind this was to enable Effective’s followers to immediately recognise their posts when scrolling through their Instagram and Twitter feeds.

The Outcome

I created a template that incorporated the brand’s primary colour and typeface, giving a consistent look and feel, tying together Train Effective’s brand identity on social media with all their other digital platforms such as their website and YouTube.

The only element, which would require updating every post, was the background image, which is usually of a football player accompanied by a suitable inspirational message.

The motivational quotes were designed to be emotive and inspirational to their target audience thereby increasing post engagement through comments, likes, shares and promoting the Effective brand.

Combining what I love with I do

Combining what I love with I do

Design & sport. Is there a better combination? Not that I can name!

Being obsessed with football from a young age I have always enjoyed watching the game and have been inspired by some of the greats such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi & many more throughout my life. Inspired by such figures, over the years I have experimented combining this obsession with my passion for graphic design. It was an inclination I acted upon a few years ago after seeing the amazing work of Zoran Lucic and his poster series Sucker for Soccer.

Pursuing this, whatever I design is an opportunity for me to practice new skills and tools in Photoshop & Illustrator and develop as a designer whilst having some fun. My first project was called Football Illustrated, which I published on my Behance profile. 

For the following two years I stopped producing these prints as I started my first role as a graphic designer until I was contacted by Patterns of Play who saw my football prints on my Instagram profile and invited me to design a series of posters that were to feature at their exhibition to be held in London called Group Stage in June 2016 to celebrate the forthcoming Euro 2016 finals.

Following this, I continued to promote my work on Instagram and started connecting with other designers/artists who posted their work on the platform. I connected with football-based artists and became inspired by the graphic design/illustration they produced and found that there is an obsessive community that produced the works just like I had, not just for fun but also for famous clubs and players.

At around the same time, I was contacted by the Bundesliga to work with them on a freelance basis. This was a dream opportunity for me and I jumped at the chance of producing football graphics for their social media platforms and digital channels. To see the works I have designed for the Bundesliga see my Behance page.

Motivated by this and hungry for more sports based clientele, I launched my second design brand alongside Matthew King Creative called Ninety Sport Creative. I regularly post my latest football/sport artwork that I have designed for clients and some fun on the Ninety Instragam & Twitter channels.

My aim is to build this brand and work with more footballing/sport clients in the future, alongside my valued existing client base.