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Designing for sports brands has always been a dream of mine and I pursued this through my own side project Ninety Sport Creative. My work was noticed by Bundesliga, Germany’s top football league, and I was hired to produce artwork and digital infographics for their brand’s social media accounts and websites.


It was my role to work remotely, report into inhouse designers and work alongside fellow freelance graphic designers. Using the project management system Trello, I was briefed on the days projects and reported into the Bundesliga HQ on the progress made on each task I had undertaken.


On a daily basis I produced digital design content for their online platforms that focused on infographics, player stats, club stats, and upcoming match day events. I created artwork for articles such as The Fantastic Four, U21 infographics and player profiles which featured across bundesliga.com.

Kick off countdown series

I designed a series of social media posts that were to be featured across Bundesliga’s  Instagram and twitter channels. The series focused on the countdown to the 2017/18 season kick off.

To celebrate this, I was commissioned to create posts featuring players with the relevant shirt numbers counting down till the first match day from number 40 to 1.

I utilised colours related to that of the featured players clubs and implemented patterns and textures into the designs to create eye-catching and engaging social media content between the Bundesliga and their followers.

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