Re-introducing myself!

by | 24 Jan 2024 | Business, Creative, Graphic Design, Personal

Hi there!

I’ve long been thinking it’s overdue that I formally ‘re-introduce’ myself. So, I’m Matthew King, the graphic designer and creative wizard at Matthew King Creative.


Who am I?

I’m a freelance graphic designer with almost a decade’s worth of industry experience in the graphic design world. I have a passion for typography, bold designs, and the psychological aspect design can play in society, which I have briefly covered on my social media pages.

In the past couple of years, I have had the pleasure of offering my services, imbuing my work with bold design practices, and delving into my passion for typography for many clients.

Outside of design, I have a particular interest in well-being and fitness. I like going to the gym and attending the occasional yoga session, and currently, I’m learning calisthenics. I love the mental benefits that come from exercising, and it’s the perfect way for me to unwind after a day’s work. As well as this, I’m a big sports fanatic, and you’ll notice that this passion has carried over into my professional career, and it’s what inspired me to go into the freelance world in the first place. I’ll cover this in more detail in an upcoming blog about my journey as a graphic designer.

I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling to new countries, watching football and getting overly competitive at board games.

What to expect from these insights?

While I’m active on social media, particularly Instagram and LinkedIn, and regularly update my portfolio and services on this website, I’ve never fully committed to a blogging schedule, but that’s about to change.

While social media is great, it’s more suited to short-form content, and I feel limited as to how much detail I can go into on the topics I post about. The website is a great platform for me to talk about my case studies and services in great detail; however, with my insights, I can go into much more detail.

It’s long been my intention to set up a space for my design insights, where I can offer my industry knowledge, design hints, tips, and general thoughts on everything in the creative world of graphic design. 2024 is the year to offer the world much more!

Topics I have covered on social media include:

  • Graphic Design Hints and Tips
  • Typography
  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Colour psychology
  • Font psychology
  • Design insights
  • Business tips
  • and productivity tips

To name a few.

How often can you expect design insights from me?

I intend to make this a habit so I can offer my audience and website visitors more value and knowledge. I hope over time that the more I write and post on here, the better I can hone my writing skills and communicate my thoughts effectively. Initially, I will aim to post two to four times a month, and who knows, if I start enjoying the process, that frequency may rise.

So with that being said, thank you for taking the time to read my very first Insights article, and stay tuned for more. If you would like to say hi, you can get in touch with me via email or phone listed on my website. Or you can get in touch with me on social media via my Instagram or LinkedIn pages. Thank you once again, and have a great day!

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